Why I am seeking re-election…

We are facing a very important election as voters everywhere are struggling financially and are increasingly aware that something seems to have gone wrong and that our days of prosperity seem to be behind us.

Quite simply, our country seems to be on the wrong track, and although there are beginning to be some signs of life in Florida’s economy, we would be naïve to suggest that we do not have a long way to go in this economic recovery.

Bob and I have first hand experience in our small business as we have dealt with the challenges in the current economy, and many of our friends have gone through the tough decisions associated with more costs and less revenue.

The reason I am seeking re-election is because I want to do more to better serve Floridians.  I want to tackle Florida’s economy head-on, and I want to bring jobs back to Florida and make our state prosperous again.

I believe we can bring more jobs to Florida without compromising our commitment to our quality of life if we have the right leadership to help chart the way.