MaryLynn’s Philosophy…

I am a limited government, fiscal conservative, and I do not believe that bigger or more intrusive government will ever be a solution for our economic woes.

For too long, we have tried the same thing over and over again, and government at all levels seems to have lost touch with the people that they represent.

We can see it in Washington, and we can see it in Tallahassee. We cannot tax or spend or regulate our way back to prosperity.

In so many ways, the reason why our economy is suffering is because of too much government manipulation of the free market, and the best thing we can do in my opinion is to tinker around with it less and get back to the basics.

MaryLynn’s Plan…

I have been honored to serve as your state representative for the past two years, and I have been working according to these principles:

  • I don’t vote for any tax or fee increases.  It’s a simple principle.  Consumers and entrepreneurs fuel the economy.  They keep more money.  They make more happen.
  • I don’t support spending increases no matter how noble the cause.
  • I support spending prioritization.  That makes sense.  If Bob and I were having a rough time in our personal economy, I certainly would not say our movie budget is as important as our grocery budget, and government should not do that either.
  • I work hard to review regulations that are either duplicated at some level of government or are simply outdated.  Dealing with these is a cost to small businesses, and we should eliminate it for them.
  • I support and work for additional lawsuit reform.  Florida is one of the most litigious states in the country, and it is difficult for us to encourage corporate relocations with this statistic looming over our recruiting efforts.
  • I support efforts to complete the Everglades cleanup and bring a stronger focus on protecting our future water supply.  This is critical to our state’s health and ability to service tourists and new residents.
  • I don’t support taking federal earmarks and transportation projects that sound good but stick Florida’s taxpayers with billions in future maintenance costs.
  • I support strategic, economic development efforts like the ones led by Governor Bush to bring Max Planck, Torrey Pines, and Scripps to Florida.  The more that we can build clusters of world-class research to Florida, the more likely we are to produce high wage jobs for the future.
  • Finally, I support more accountability and choice in our education system, building on our recent gains, and giving us the opportunity to create the best trained workforce in the world.